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Life Behind The Scenes

I’m continuing to blog through WordPress; and my new site is Life Behind the Scenes. This blog covers my life working backstage (so to speak), including anything and everything I encounter in between. It has a broader range of topics that may interest you. I hope you stop by.

See you around the web!

Pinoy TV Junkie is now Mars On TV

It's been fun; but I've decided to move my TV site to Mars On TV. It's pretty hard to start over after three years of being comfortable here; but I've been wanting to move for a long time. Since I'm not that busy for now, this is the opportunity to go back to square one.

All my PinoyTVJunkie entries here will continue to be accessible. Other than that, everything else is on Mars On TV.

I do hope you follow me there and update your links. :) Thanks.

so little time, so much to watch

I can't be a true blue pinoytvjunkie unless i check out most of the new shows coming out this year... and there are a LOT! based on the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY fall tv preview, here's my attempt at a weekly guide for my tv addiction.

It's still a work in progress, of course, since i'm going to weed out the bad ones among the new shows, until the list gets a bit more manageable... anyway, ta-da!!!

*new show

the big bang theory
how i met your mother
gossip girl
one tree hill
accidentally on purpose * - my sister-in-law wants me to get this even if the reviews are pretty bad

melrose place *
v * (nov 3)
the good wife *

glee *
the beautiful life *
modern family *
eastwick *
the middle *
friday night lights (oct 28)
top chef
cougar town *

flash forward *
vampire diaries *
grey's anatomy
community *
30 rock
the mentalist
project runway

ugly betty

desperate housewives
mad men
bored to death *

Reposting from a Facebook note I wrote September 21, 2009. Since then, The Beautiful Life: TBL has been canceled.:

Fall 2009: the comedies rock!

It's already October and I've had the chance to watch a couple of episodes of this season's new shows. So far, I'm really liking the comedies and dramedies.

This show is going stronger as the weeks pass by. The turning point was episode four, which featured my favorite character (Kurt) as well as a certain Beyonce song, heavily. This is where a story arc for the season had begun to form and the characterization has moved forward.
After the fifth episode, which had the wonderful Kristin Chenowith singing broadway, Heart and Carrie Underwood, plus the cast singing Somebody to Love... I was hooked. Other than the ability to mix dramatic and comedic elements well with each episode, the show also reminds me how much I love music. And I can't get enough. I find myself singing their songs and listening to the soundtrack over and over.
Get your gleek on before you're completely out of the loop!

Modern Family
This show had good reviews; and at first I was skeptical, but the pilot proved to be well worth my time. After two episodes, I'm positive that Modern Family is going to be one of those shows that I'm going to get attached to if it maintains the level of quality it has shown. The writing is sharp and witty; plus I get a good mixture of laughs and tears. The actors all have something to offer, even the kids are great. Plus, from the gay couple who adopted a Vietnamese baby to the conventional family whose dad knows all the songs to High School Musical, the show has a lot of potential when it comes to storytelling and jokes. The documentary style of filmmaking also does a lot to support the show when it comes to punchlines and great moments.
I'm thankful that its ratings have been pretty good so far. I was scared nobody would watch it since it's a smart show. America has some hope yet!

Cougar Town
I miss Friends. I miss the characters, the dynamic, the comedy. And I have to admit that as a die-hard fan of the show, it's practically my duty to watch whatever show they do after. From the trailer, I could already tell that this is going to be a funny show; and I'm happy to report that I wasn't disappointed.
Courtney Cox is funny as Jules, a real estate agent who just got divorced and has finally decided to get back into the dating scene... at 40... What's great is that she gets into some hilarious situations as she deals with issues from dating younger guys, to trying to make up for the wild nights she never experienced when she was in her twenties. It's been entertaining so far; and I'm looking forward to what else the show has to offer.

The Middle
This one was also a show I didn't plan on watching. But because of certain positive things I read, what the heck.
I didn't watch Everybody Loves Raymond that much; but from the pilot , I think this show is a great step up from her two former sitcoms (the other being Back to You). Neil Flynn and Patricia Heaton are a pretty unlikely pairing in this show; but it works. Their children in this show, particularly the youngest one, are really good at adding to the dysfunctional dynamic with their own eccentricities. The writing was pretty good as well. The situations are not that ridiculous; and I laughed a couple of times throughout the pilot. It is pretty good.

These shows are great additions to the list of comedies I watch: How I Met Your Mother, Better Off Ted, 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory. I still think there is a shortage of good comedies and if these shows are any indication, things are looking up.

Prt Scr : wallpaper change

I last changed my desktop wallpaper last year. It featured Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights. This year, I briefly used a True Blood wallpaper for my laptop but I'm loving this new show so much that I had to update. I present to you my current desktop featuring Glee. It's a simple tweak of a promotional photo; and I'm really loving it.

"Chuck" casting news

The big screen Superman and the small screen Lana Lang (of the Superman mythology) are dropping in for a visit or two at the Buy More.

I'm SO out of the loop.

I haven't read my favorite TV blogs in a while; so these bits of news came as a surprise for me.

As you may or may not know (or care), one of my favorite shows right now is Chuck. I'm so happy the show got the third season it deserves, even though we have to wait longer than usual to get fresh new episodes. Recently, casting news have been popping up; and so far, I'm pretty excited. 

Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) is slated to appear in the show for a story arc that comes in between the Chuck-Sarah coupling everyone's rooting for. Also, Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) is set to appear for a couple of episodes as a love interest for our favorite not-so-spy.

Both from Ausiello Files:

"Routh’s character, Shaw, is a mysterious new spy who takes control as the new leader of Operation Bartwoski, becoming a mentor to Chuck and a rival in his affections for Sarah. He first appears in this season’s fourth episode."

"Kristin Kreuk is joining Chuck for multiple episodes as Hannah, a girl Chuck meets on a flight to Paris. “Chuck and Hannah definitely have feelings for each other,” teases an insider.
Laid off from her glamorous publishing job, Hannah ends up working at the Buy More. (I’m sure that won’t prove distracting to the horny nerd herders at all!)"

March 2010 couldn't feel more far away than it does now.

ooh... something worth mentioning

It's been exactly THREE YEARS since I started this blog.

Here's a link to my first ever post... just for fun.

Flash Forward - this fall

I've been hearing about this show; but it's only now that I got to know the premise. (Thanks to Mindy for sharing!) This trailer has definitely made me interested. The cast looks awesome. The pilot looks awesome. I hope the show will be as good, if not better, than expected.

So... What's Flash Forward? Watch this.

coming up

It's the middle of August and a lot is coming up in the next few weeks. The summer season is winding down so this means finales are just around the corner. Right after that, there will be new seasons of my favorite shows and a bunch of series premieres! Here's just some of the things worth looking forward to:

True Blood
season finale: September 13
This season has been so addictive. It surpassed the intrigue that was the first season with its new characters, new vampire mainstays (I can't stop gushing about Eric), and the impending war between vampires and humans. Mary Ann might have become a bit tiring after a while, but the rest of the goodness more than made up for it.
The last episode was really a question of whether a full out war is about to blow up. There are four more episodes to the season so we know there's still a lot of things that could still happen.

Top Chef Masters
season finale: August 19
This is the first time I watched a Top Chef season from start to finish. It's down to Rick Bayless, Hubert Keller and Michael Chiarello. I'm cheering Hubert Keller because I think he's a really cool guy, Rick Bayless next, third Michael Chiarello. Wherever this may go, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a delicious finale.

Mad Men
season premiere: August 16
Last season ended with Sterling Cooper being bought out by another agency, Betty having a short rendezvous with a stranger while carrying a baby, Don going through some weird experiences with a couple of hedonistic strangers and Peggy telling Pete about their baby, among other things. What else this show has in store this season, I don't really know; but I can't wait to see what happens.

season premiere: August 31
This is simply a fun show to watch; and I really wanna know: Will Cappie and Casey EVER get together again? Ever?

series premiere: September 9
The anticipation for new episodes has been building for quite a while now. Expectations are high; and I'm confident that the show is going to deliver. With its catchy songs, witty dialogue and talented cast, this so far the new show I'm looking forward to the most.

These are, of course, stuff that's off the top of my head. There's still the Fall TV Previews coming up so I could pick which shows spark my curiosity and which shows I'm returning to.

Greek S3: August 31

Ashley: It's the end of the world, Cappie. What do you wanna do?

Greek returns for a third season after a very exciting end-of-the-world finale. It's coming in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. It's simply a fun show to watch, with characters that I've gotten really attached to in the past couple of seasons. I can't believe no one's picking it up here in the Philippines! (unless there's a channel showing it, I just don't know about it)



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