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Pinoy TV Junkie

a third world perspective on first world television :)

15 August 1984
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"Art imitates life; but life imitates TV."
- Ani DiFranco

My name is Marie, also known as mars_mg in many forums and groups. I'm from the Philippines; and I'm a self-confessed TV junkie... mainly because it's the golden age of television (in the US) and I'm enjoying every single minute of it!

What to anticipate: Read about my recommendations for shows... I will share the dramas and comedies I enjoy... the communities I talk about them with... maybe even reality TV ideas that I think absolutely suck. Also, expect the latest news on my favorite shows, characters, creators and other personalities. There may also be the occasional movie review or random personal entry.

It's my TV haven on the net so there's no holding back! Welcome and enjoy!